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Aviation Accident Compensation After Serious Injury and Fatal Crashes

Offered by Clifford Law Offices

Experienced aviation accident attorneys have the resources and knowledge to get the results you deserve.

Injured victims and people with loved ones who were killed in aviation crashes are unprepared for the confusion and anguish that comes after. They deserve answers about what happened and why it happened. They are owed compensation for medical expenses and lost wages, severe pain and suffering, and the distress they have been forced to bear. Most importantly, they are entitled to seek justice for a tragedy that likely should have been avoided.

But who do you talk to about compensation for lost wages and medical expenses? Will it be enough? Who is at fault? Where should a plane crash lawsuit be filed?

For aviation accident victims, the fastest, most effective way to get answers and recover full compensation is to consult an experienced, national aviation accident attorney. A knowledgeable airplane accident lawyer can investigate the crash, determine fault, and aggressively fight for a favorable and just outcome.

Knowledge concerning aviation accidents can be a roadmap to getting victims the help they need. Here is what individuals need to know about aviation accidents - what causes them, the types of injuries that frequently occur, compensation for damages that is available, and how a lawyer can guide and assist them.

What causes aviation accidents?

Most aviation accidents involve single-engine planes. In fact, on average, almost 80 percent of all aircraft accidents involve this type of vehicle. Other types of aircraft that may be involved in an aviation crash or incident include other small planes like seaplanes, helicopters, and commercial planes like a Boeing 737 MAX or 777-206, Cessna 172N, Airbus A321, and Piper PA-28-181.  

Aviation accidents happen for many reasons. Here are some of the most common:

  • Inclement weather. This type of crash may involve, among other things, a pilot flying into a storm, ice on the wings, disregard for established fog or other bad weather procedures, or failure to properly check the weather before takeoff.
  • Defective or malfunctioning equipment.
  • Sabotage (terrorist activity).
  • Poor maintenance of equipment.
  • Pilot error. These accidents include missed runways, excessive landing speed, miscalculating fuel supplies, navigation mistakes, and improper takeoff or landing procedures.
  • FAA miscommunication. When the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) air traffic control team does not communicate clearly or makes an error, the results can be catastrophic.
  • Improperly loaded cargo. Cargo that is not properly loaded can destabilize a plane.
  • Runway obstruction and/or ground crew error.
  • In-flight fire.

Consulting an experienced attorney can help victims and their families better understand the options available to them. Based on their particular circumstances, our qualified team will work with the family to determine the best course of action to attain their desired results.

Injury-causing aviation accidents

Injured aviation accident victims and the families of fatal aviation accident victims deserve compensation for the severe pain and trauma they must endure through no fault of their own.

How much compensation a person receives after an accident largely depends on the type and severity of their injuries. Generally, the more severe and life-altering an injury is, the more compensation the victim receives. That’s because serious injuries cause more pain and suffering, cost more to treat, and take longer to recover from.

It is not uncommon for people injured in airplane accidents to undergo multiple procedures and surgeries to relieve their pain, lessen their suffering, and start the recovery process. Some injuries typically sustained in aircraft accidents can include:

  • Nose, orbital, and other facial fractures.
  • Vertebrae compression.
  • Joint dislocation.
  • Aorta tears or rupture.
  • Pelvis fracture.
  • Jaw injury.
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI), skull fractures, and other head injuries.
  • Spinal injuries.
  • Bladder and other internal organ injuries.
  • Ruptured diaphragm.
  • Arm and leg bone fractures.

After a plane crash, it is reasonable for victims to believe that those responsible for their accident will admit fault and be held accountable. But oftentimes, the liable parties – like the airline or aircraft manufacturer, for example – will fight hard to avoid paying for damages and the losses they caused.  

Aviation accident lawyers get to the bottom of what happened. They conduct thorough investigations and collect evidence. With the help of an experienced aviation lawyer, victims can identify who is at fault and demand the compensation they are entitled to receive. 

Compensation after an airplane accident

After a plane crash or other aviation disaster, a victim's legal options and compensation are influenced by the state they are in. Each state has its own rules and regulations regarding aviation accidents. There are also statutes of limitations (legal deadlines) to consider. State law may also define things like the type of damages that can be recovered, who qualifies to file a wrongful death lawsuit, and who will be compensated. Some states also have caps (limits) on how much can be recovered.

In general, aviation accident victims can collect damages for:

  • Medical expenses.
  • Emotional distress.
  • Lost wages.
  • Diminished earning potential.
  • Pain and suffering.
  • Loss of society.
  • Loss of consortium.
  • Loss of enjoyment in life.
  • Disfigurement and/or loss of limb.

In some cases, a court may award punitive damages in addition to the economic and non-economic damages awarded to victims.

National aviation accident lawyers know how the law works and what it takes to win in all 50 states. They ensure that injured victims satisfy the necessary legal requirements and deadlines for favorable outcomes.

Aviation Accident Case Results

$43 million total recovery $43 million for two victims of a United Airlines plane crash in Iowa. This included a $28.2 million verdict for a 70-year-old woman with permanent injuries and a $15 million settlement for a father who lost his wife and daughter. Clifford Law Offices obtained these results for the victims.

$40 million recovery $40 million for seven families who lost loved ones on an Alaska Air flight that crashed into the Pacific Ocean. Clifford Law Offices obtained this recovery for the families.

$10 million settlement $10 million for the family of a Brazilian entrepreneur and his wife who were killed in a helicopter crash on the way from New York to New Jersey. Clifford Law Offices obtained this settlement for the family.

$7.134 million settlement $7.134 million for a 35-year-old man who was killed in a plane crash, leaving a wife and two minor children. Clifford Law Offices obtained this settlement for the family.

$6 million recovery $6 million for a woman who died in a helicopter crash in Lee County, Illinois. Clifford Law Offices obtained this recovery for the family.

Experienced aviation accident lawyers know how to handle complex cases in every state.

An experienced aviation accident attorney can guide injured victims and their families through the complex process of recovering damages they are owed after a crash. Lawyers can take on the complicated, high-stakes process of collecting aviation accident compensation allowing victims to focus on healing as well as the people and things in life that matter most to them.

Not just any lawyer can get the job done. It takes experience to understand the complexities and unique circumstances involved in aviation accident lawsuits. Only a small number of law firms handle aviation accidents in the U.S. – and very few have decades of experience and success.

It is critical for plane crash victims and their families to consult experienced aviation attorneys if they hope to receive the compensation they need and deserve. Contact an experienced aviation accident attorney for a free consultation today.

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