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What It Means to Choose the Best Legal Marketing Agency For Your Firm

Law firms have many options for digital marketing, and it can be tough to separate the quality options from the pretenders. Take it from the leaders in law firm marketing who have been helping law firms – and fixing competitors’ mistakes – for nearly two decades. If you need digital marketing services, read on to find out how to choose the best marketing agency for your law firm.

Big Voodoo vs. plain old “voodoo”

Here’s the first thing you need to know about legal marketing: if someone tells you they have a “secret” that will get your firm more cases than you can imagine, you should run.

Unfortunately, the legal vertical is awash with fly-by-night operators and snake oil salesmen, many with little or no legal experience, who think they can take shortcuts and bamboozle law firms into paying for services that hurt their business. At best, they’re using some spam technique that might help for a month – and then you’ll be hit with a penalty that lasts for two years. At worst, you’ll skip the temporary boost and go straight to the penalty.

Here's our secret: there’s no secret. Our name may be Big Voodoo, but what we do isn’t voodoo. It’s all built on time, effort, and expertise. Time and again it’s the only approach that gets lasting results.

The thought leaders in law firm SEO for two decades

We’ve been in the legal marketing game – Google’s most competitive category in terms of the number of ads served, cost per ad, and value of each lead – for nearly two decades, so we understand the importance of a reliable foundation. Your website is the center of your digital presence, and our websites perform: 90% of Big Voodoo sites are on Page One at any given time, including in major markets like Houston, New York, Boston, San Antonio, and Atlanta. For firms that have been with us for at least 18 months, that figure is 98%.

Legal search has always been competitive, but it’s changed dramatically over the years, and Big Voodoo has been out in front of each change. We were the first to tell law firms that they can’t have multiple websites. We were the first to warn against the search penalties that come from shared or fake offices.

In 2015, we saw major changes coming involving artificial intelligence (AI) and first-party data that would affect the entire industry, so our developers started building an AI framework. That became Sherloq with IBM Watson – which was featured by IBM in their Think2022 showcase of products with the potential to change the world.

We never set out to be the biggest, just to be the best. Our team of strategic marketers, engineers, developers, content marketers, local SEO experts, marketing professionals, designers and experienced account managers brings together tremendous talent focused on one goal: helping law firms sign up more cases.

We help firms unlock unrivaled authority

The three key elements of organic search performance are expertise, authority, and trust, aka E-A-T. Google mentions these factors 137 times in their Quality Guidelines. Law firm websites can establish their expertise by creating high-quality content backed by your legal knowledge, and maintain trust by ensuring all your citations (name, address, phone number, web address) are accurate. This is the basic “blocking and tackling” of Google search, and we do it better than anyone else in the legal vertical.

Where Big Voodoo stands apart, though, is authority. Google recognizes sites’ authoritativeness based on their history, reputation, and links from other authoritative sites. The problem is that authority takes time to establish, and for most law firms, time is a luxury you can’t afford. Again, the spammers and scammers know this and come in, offering a quick fix, but that’s going to hurt you even more in the long run. So, what can you do?

Big Voodoo has established an exclusive partnership with ALM/, the most authoritative domain in legal.’s 19 award-winning publications have put in the time and effort to establish authority the right way. Big Voodoo partnered with ALM to launch the Lawyerpages, a revolutionary attorney directory that allows firms to tap into this incredible resource, growing your authority and bringing a steady stream of qualified leads to your firm.

We guide law firms from start to finish

It’s one thing to make the phone ring. It’s another to help firms convert high-quality leads into high-value cases.

Big Voodoo’s management includes people who have grown intake processes from scratch at major law firms. The tools we’ve built, including Sherloq, give us insight into intake processes to identify the issues that cost firms cases. Moreover, we’re 100% committed to consumer-facing law – including personal injury, workers’ compensation, criminal defense, family law, bankruptcy, and estate planning – so we understand the mindset of people who are looking for legal representation and know what it takes to sign up cases.

Legal marketing is only going to get tougher from here. The massive disruptions of Work From Home and the economy in 2020 have hit law firms hard, and Google’s changes to data privacy and search algorithms will always hold attorneys to the highest standards. The specifics may have changed, but none of these challenges are new to us. Our mission is the same as it always was: to help law firms get cases, not just clicks.

It's time to take your firm’s digital marketing to the next level. Visit us at or call 855-912-8734 today.

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