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A car accident in South Portland, ME can happen when you least expect it. The aftermath can be overwhelming and knowing which action to take can be confusing. If you’re looking for a fair settlement, you won’t get anywhere with the insurance companies. That’s where an experienced car accident lawyer comes in. 

When you get a Premier Car Accident Attorney on your side, you can rest assured that your car accident claim is in good hands. Attorneys can help you build a strong case by investigating your crash and ensuring that your rights are protected. To get started, contact and find out how a South Portland attorney can maximize your compensation.

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Ainsworth, Thelin & Raftice, P.A.

Ainsworth, Thelin & Raftice, P.A., situated at 7 Ocean Street, South Portland, ME 04106, has been diligently practicing law in the Greater Portland area for over four decades. Their team of attorneys offers diverse and complementary areas of legal experience, ensuring comprehensive support for clients. Some of their practice areas include personal injury and wrongful death. The firm is committed to accessibility, with onsite parking and handicapped accessibility to their third-floor suite. Additionally, they provide valuable insights through a blog on their website.

Jury Law, LLC

Located at 202 Gannett Drive, Suite 2, South Portland, ME 04106, Jury Law, LLC, is led by Nathan Jury. Nathan Jury has been advocating for the rights of injured Mainers in workers' compensation and personal injury cases since 2004. With a stellar record of successfully litigating thousands of cases, they have developed a reputation for excellence not only among their clients but also within the legal community and with insurance companies. Their remarkable achievement of $75 million paid on claims showcases their abilities.

Law Offices of Joe Bornstein

The Law Offices of Joe Bornstein, with an address at 5 Moulton Street, Portland, ME 04101, focuses on a wide range of cases, including car, truck, and motorcycle accidents, as well as medical malpractice. They have a strong track record, having secured substantial settlements, including $3.75 million for a truck accident, $3.24 million for a car accident, and $2 million for a motorcycle accident. Committed to accessibility, they are present on social media platforms, offer free consultations, and provide a live chat service for client inquiries.

Gideon Asen LLC

Gideon Asen LLC, with an address at 217 Commercial St. #403, Portland, ME 04101, and two other locations, specializes in cases involving catastrophic injury, maritime injury, medical malpractice, motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, and more. Their motto, "let us be your champion," reflects their dedication to advocating for their clients. They offer free consultations and serve clients nationwide. With a focus on securing substantial settlements, Gideon Asen LLC has successfully recovered millions for injury victims.

Berman & Simmons Trial Attorneys

Established in 1914, Berman & Simmons Trial Attorneys, located at 85 Exchange Street, 2nd Floor, Portland, Maine 04101, is widely recognized as the best personal injury law firm in Maine. Their practice areas encompass vehicle accidents, medical malpractice, wrongful death, and defective products. With an impressive $36.5 million in settlements for injured clients, their commitment to achieving just compensation is evident. They proudly represent the people of Portland and Southern Maine.

Peter Thompson & Associates

Peter Thompson & Associates, with an address at 92 Exchange St., Portland, ME 04101, and six other locations, specializes in cases involving auto accidents, medical malpractice, wrongful death, and more. Their consistent recognition as the "Best Personal Injury Lawyer" reflects their ability to stand out. Offering live chat support in English or Spanish, they prioritize accessibility for clients. With over 60 years of collective experience, they bring a wealth of knowledge to personal injury cases.

Garmey Law

Garmey Law, located at 482 Congress Street Suite 402, Portland, ME 04101, is known for fearlessly taking on formidable opponents in cases of medical malpractice, wrongful death, motor vehicle accidents, and more. Their website features both video and written testimonials, showcasing their diligence to client success. Offering free consultations, Garmey Law ensures accessibility to legal support when it matters most. Their dedication to securing just compensation for clients is evident in their unwavering approach.

Law Offices of Roger F. Brunelle, Jr., LLC

The Law Offices of Roger F. Brunelle, Jr., LLC is situated at 75 Pearl Street, 2nd Floor, Suite 210, Portland, ME 04101. Attorney Roger F. Brunelle, Jr., takes pride in "fighting for the little guy." They offer free consultations and have successfully represented clients in complex criminal and multi-million-dollar personal injury matters. Their ability to provide legal support to those who need it most highlights their dedication to justice and client advocacy.

Jabar LaLiberty, LLC

Jabar LaLiberty, LLC, located at 482 Congress Street, Suite 401, Portland, ME 04101, has an impressive record of recovering over $100 million for their clients. Testimonials on their website attest to their dedication and success in personal injury cases. Operating on a contingency fee basis, they ensure that clients receive representation without upfront costs. With a focus on accessibility and client support, they are a reliable choice for those seeking legal assistance.

Lowry & Associates

Established in 1971, Lowry & Associates is located at Riverside 380, 33 McAlister Farm Road, Suite 203, Portland, ME 04103, and has another location. They specialize in cases involving car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, and pedestrian accidents. Their commitment to accessibility is exemplified by their 24/7 live chat support and a website that can be translated into Spanish or French. They showcase their case results on their website, offering transparency and a testament to their successful track record.

After a collision, the South Portland Police Department will likely arrive at the crash scene. They’ll first check on all parties to ensure everyone is safe. They’ll then assess the crash scene and document any details they find. The police report may include a diagram of the crash, as well as witness statements, injuries, and vehicle damage.

You might not feel injured after a car accident. The adrenaline and shock may mask the pain of an underlying injury. That’s why it’s critical to seek immediate medical attention, so you can identify your injury and start treatment early on. Plus, this will help you link your injury to the crash. In South Portland, you can get medical attention at Northern Light Mercy Hospital or Maine Medical Center 24/7.

Car accidents can have various causes and result in several types of injuries. Some of the most common South Portland, ME car accidents are: 

  • Head-on collisions: These occur when two vehicles collide while traveling in opposite directions. They're often caused by distracted, impaired, or reckless driving.
  • Sideswipe accidents: Sideswipe accidents occur when two vehicles traveling parallel to each other collide. These accidents can happen when drivers attempt to change lanes without checking blind spots.
  • Rear-end collisions: These accidents happen when a vehicle crashes into the back of another vehicle. Rear-end collisions are commonly caused by tailgating, sudden stops, or distracted driving.
  • Intersection accidents: Intersection accidents often occur when drivers run red lights, fail to yield the right of way, or make improper turns.
  • Single-vehicle accidents: These accidents involve only one vehicle and can be caused by speeding, drunk driving, or poor road conditions.

Common car accident injuries include: 

  • Neck injuries: Whiplash is a common neck injury that occurs when the head is abruptly jerked forward and then backward. It often causes strain on the neck muscles and ligaments and leads to pain, stiffness, and limited range of motion.
  • Soft tissue injuries: These include damage to muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Symptoms of soft tissue injuries include pain, swelling, bruising, and difficulty with movement.
  • Facial injuries: The face is vulnerable to injury during a car accident, especially in high-impact collisions. Facial fractures, lacerations, and bruising can occur, which may require medical attention, including stitches or surgery.
  • Head injuries: Concussions, contusions, and skull fractures are common head injuries. Symptoms can range from mild headaches and dizziness to severe cognitive impairment.
  • Back injuries: The impact of a car accident can cause back injuries, such as herniated discs, spinal fractures, or sprains. These injuries can result in chronic pain, limited mobility, and even paralysis in severe cases.

South Portland has its fair share of dangerous roads and intersections. Here are some areas that require extra caution: 

  • Running Hill Road at Gorham Road
  • Broadway at Westbrook Street
  • Broadway at Cottage Road
  • Hill Street at Evans Streets
  • Broadway at Evans Street
  • Interstate 295
  • US 1
  • US 302

Q: What steps do I take after an accident?

A: The first step after a car accident is to assess any injuries and call emergency services if necessary. Next, exchange contact and insurance information with the other party, take photos of the crash scene, and report the crash to the police. Then, get prompt medical attention, notify your insurance company, and speak to an experienced car accident lawyer.

Q: How can a lawyer help me?

A: A lawyer can provide valuable advice and guide you through complex legal processes. They can also handle all communications and negotiations with insurance companies, so your rights are protected. Your attorney will gather evidence from your crash to help you build a strong case and fight to recover every dollar owed to you. 

Q: Can I still be compensated if I was partially at fault for the accident?

A: Maine uses the modified comparative negligence rule, which determines how damages are allocated after a car accident. If you were less than 50% at fault for your crash, you may be able to recover damages. However, the amount of damages you can recover will be reduced by the amount of fault you contributed.

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