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Top 5 San Diego, CA Car Accident Lawyers

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Featured San Diego, CA Car Accident Lawyers BadgeCar accidents happen all the time in San Diego. You may have been in a speeding-related crash on I-5, I-8, I-805, CA-94, or CA-163. You may have been hit by a distracted driver on University Avenue, Mission Boulevard, or Adams Avenue. Now you’re in pain and are receiving medical treatment. You’re wondering how you will pay your medical bills. If a negligent driver hurt you, you shouldn’t have to pay. 

But recovering compensation is complicated. That’s why you need a verified attorney on your side. If you’ve been injured in San Diego, get a Premier Attorney

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All of these verified car accident lawyers have some things in common:

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Top firms must pass our verified criteria:
Based in San Diego and admitted to practice law in all courts in California.
Earned recognition from their peers for high-quality legal work.
Extensive experience and a winning track record in car accident cases.
Additional information:
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In the unfortunate event of a car accident in San Diego, California, it is essential to secure the right legal representation. The choice of legal professionals can make a significant difference in ensuring justice and obtaining fair compensation. With this in mind, we have carefully curated a list of trusted options for individuals seeking experienced advocates who will passionately fight for their rights and adeptly navigate the complexities of car accident cases.

The Ryan Law Group

The Ryan Law Group is a reputable full-service law firm that specializes exclusively in personal injury cases. With a strong commitment to client success, the firm boasts an impressive 99% success rate in securing favorable outcomes for their clients. They operate on a contingency fee basis, which means that clients only pay if they win their case. Putting clients first, The Ryan Law Group provides dedicated and personalized legal representation, ensuring that each client receives the attention and support they deserve. With a deep understanding of personal injury law, their specialized knowledge and experience in this area enable them to excel in every stage of the litigation process. If you are seeking a skilled and results-oriented personal injury attorney, The Ryan Law Group is a trusted choice.

Levinson Law Group

With a strong track record of success, Levinson Law Group has recovered almost $100 million for their clients. They pride themselves on their availability, offering round-the-clock service, 365 days a year. The firm has received many awards and recognition for their exceptional legal services. With expertise in 11 areas of practice, Levinson Law Group provides comprehensive legal representation to their clients.

Pettit Kohn Ingrassia Lutz & Dolin

Pettit Kohn Ingrassia Lutz & Dolin is a law firm with three convenient locations. Established in 2006, the firm has a broad range of expertise in 14 areas of practice. They are not only dedicated to providing excellent legal services but also support community outreach programs that aim to improve educational, environmental, and health opportunities. With a commitment to diversity, the firm boasts a team where 59% of the attorneys are female and 36% are minority attorneys.

Schroth & Schroth LLC

With a combined period of over 60 years of legal practice, Schroth & Schroth LLC brings extensive experience to their clients. Their main practice areas focus on personal injury and wrongful death cases. With two locations, they ensure accessibility and convenience for their clients. Schroth & Schroth LLC provides effective legal representation to individuals and families facing challenging circumstances.

The Law Offices of Lori R. Mendez P.L.C.

The Law Offices of Lori R. Mendez P.L.C. has been serving the San Diego Hispanic/Latinx community for over 32 years. Ms. Lori R. Mendez, a proficient Spanish speaker, directly assists clients and can be reached via phone or online form. Additionally, Jaime Mendez is bilingual, fluently communicating in both Spanish and English. The firm is committed to fighting for the rights of victims of serious and catastrophic personal injuries, injured workers, wrongful death, auto accidents, and cases involving hospital and doctor negligence. Their dedication to serving the Hispanic/Latinx community sets them apart.

First, call 911 and wait for the San Diego Police Department or California Highway Patrol to respond. The police will secure the scene and fill out an official accident report. Your next priority should be to get medical attention. That may mean emergency care at one of San Diego’s many hospitals, like Scripps Mercy Hospital San Diego, Sharp Memorial Hospital, Kaiser Permanente San Diego Medical Center, or Alvarado Hospital Medical Center. You can also visit an urgent care center or your primary care doctor – the important thing is to get checked out right away, even if you feel fine.

Then, you need legal representation. Contact an experienced San Diego car accident lawyer right away, ideally before you talk to the insurance company.

How Do I File A Car Accident Claim?

If you've been in a car accident, you may be wondering how to file a claim. The first step is to seek medical attention if you have any injuries. Even if you don't feel pain immediately, it's important to get checked out by a doctor since some injuries, like neck pain, may not appear until days or weeks later. Once you've seen a doctor, the next step is to contact your insurance company and provide them with a copy of the police report and your medical records. They will then begin the process of investigating your claim and determining how much compensation you are entitled to. It's important to keep in mind that insurance companies often lowball claimants in an effort to save money, so it's important to be patient and hold out for the maximum amount of compensation you are owed. Hiring an attorney can help you navigate the claims process and ensure that you receive the full compensation you deserve.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a car accident, it is important to seek legal assistance as soon as possible. An experienced car accident lawyer can help you navigate the complex legal process and fight for the compensation you deserve.

Here are some tips for finding the best San Diego car accident lawyers for your needs:

  1. Look for a law firm with experience handling car accident cases.
  2. Make sure the attorneys at the firm are board certified in personal injury law.
  3. Ask about the firm's trial experience and success rate.
  4. Choose a law firm that offers free consultations.
  5. Be sure to ask about fees and costs upfront.

By following these tips, you can be confident that you are selecting the best possible legal representation for your case.

While you're not required to hire an attorney, it’s in your best interest. Negligent drivers often deny doing anything wrong and may even try to blame you for what happened. Dealing with insurance companies can be frustrating because they are looking out for their own best interests. Their lawyers and adjusters are skilled at finding ways to justify paying you less. They have the advantage during the claims process, and they know it.

An experienced attorney can help you build a strong case that insurance companies have to take seriously. A law firm can investigate your crash, including accident reports, medical records, and physical evidence. A lawyer can also negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf to reach a settlement that meets your needs. If a settlement can’t be reached, a lawyer can fight for you in court.

How much will a car accident lawyer cost?

You owe nothing unless your lawyer gets results. All lawyers listed work on a contingency fee basis, meaning their fees come out of the financial compensation they recover for you. If they recover nothing, you owe them nothing. This gives them even more incentive to fight to get the best possible outcome in your case. Call for a free consultation today. 

Thousands of accidents occur in San Diego every year. Some of the leading causes of these accidents include distracted driving, drunk driving, and speeding. By being aware of the risks and taking steps to avoid dangerous behavior behind the wheel, we can all help to make our roads safer for everyone. One of the most common places for these accidents to take place are at San Diego's many intersections.

Some of the most dangerous intersections:

  • B St & Park Blvd
  • Sixth Ave & Broadway
  • S 32nd St & Ocean View Blvd
  • University Ave & 1st Ave
  • Vermont St & University Ave
  • B St & 11th Ave
  • Third Ave & G St
  • CA-94 & I-5
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