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Featured Buffalo, NY Car Accident Lawyers BadgeCar accidents in Buffalo often cause serious injuries. Whether you sustained a head injury in a rear-end accident on Bailey Avenue (US-62) or a back injury in a multi-car accident on I-190 or the Kensington Expressway (NY-33), all it takes is one small mistake by a reckless or negligent driver to cause a life-changing injury. When that happens, an experienced Buffalo car accident lawyer can help you every step of the way. 

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Extensive experience and a winning track record in car accident cases.
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Law Offices of James Morris

Law Offices of James Morris is located at 70 Niagara St #404, Buffalo, NY 14202. Specializing in personal injury, car accidents, motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, and more, the firm has impressive case results. These include settlements of $1.6 million for a work accident, $1.55 million for a fatal truck accident, and $1 million for a truck accident. They offer free consultations and maintain a high Avvo rating, underscoring their commitment to client satisfaction.

Lipsitz, Ponterio & Comerford, LLC

Lipsitz, Ponterio & Comerford, LLC, situated at 424 Main St #1500, Buffalo, NY 14202, is dedicated to personal injury, wrongful death, medical malpractice, car accidents, and related cases. Operating 24 hours a day, they have secured substantial settlements. This includes $3.5 million on behalf of a Buffalo, NY man against automotive and truck parts distributors and manufacturers, a $5.6 million settlement for a former brake worker, and $5 million for a former U.S. Navy boiler technician diagnosed with mesothelioma. Offering free consultations, the firm is known for its tireless advocacy on behalf of clients.

Friedman & Ranzenhofer Law

Friedman & Ranzenhofer Law, with an address at 70 Niagara Street, Suite 101 Buffalo, NY 14202, and 12 other locations, offers legal services in personal injury, criminal defense, business law, and more. Established in 1955, the firm has a strong track record of recovering millions for its clients. With 24/7 availability, they are recognized in the legal community for their tenacity and ethical litigation practices.

The Law Office of Nelson S. Torre

The Law Office of Nelson S. Torre, located at 438 Main St, Buffalo, NY 14202, specializes in cases related to car, truck, and motorcycle accidents, construction accidents, medical malpractice, and more. This firm offers Spanish services. The law office's downtown Buffalo location is conveniently close to all state and federal courts.

Lipsitz Green Scime Cambria LLP

Lipsitz Green Scime Cambria LLP, found at 42 Delaware Ave Suite 120, Buffalo, NY 14202, handles a wide range of cases, including accidents, personal injury, criminal defense, medical malpractice, social security disability, and workers’ compensation. Notably, they secured a $4 million settlement for a pedestrian injured by a distracted driver and a $12 million settlement for a worker injured by a New York state trooper in a distracted driving accident. The firm's commitment to excellence is reflected in the recognition of 20 of its attorneys in The Best Lawyers in America 2022, and many of its attorneys actively contribute to various organizations and causes.

Losi & Gangi Law

Losi & Gangi Law, situated at 147 Linwood Ave, Buffalo, NY 14209, specializes in personal injury and workers’ compensation cases. In 2019, the firm obtained more than $22 million in verdicts and settlements for clients. Some notable wins include $200,000 for a nurse with neck and back injuries, $100,000 for a Buffalo man with low back injuries, and $100,000 for a Buffalo Janitor with back injuries. Recognized by Expertise as the Best Workers’ Compensation Attorneys in Buffalo for 2023, the firm is committed to securing favorable outcomes for their clients.

New York's second-largest city has a long, rich history. Located on the banks of Lake Erie and home to such famous landmarks as the Art Deco-style Buffalo City Hall, the Buffalo Science Museum, and Buffalo’s Canalside, where the Erie Canal begins, this hard-working city knows how to get the job done right. 

The same is true for the experienced Buffalo car accident attorneys listed on this website. If you get hurt in an accident caused by another driver, it’s critical that you take action right away to protect your health and your rights

Many serious accidents result in severe injuries. When this happens, you might need emergency medical care right away at Mercy Hospital of Buffalo, Kenmore Mercy Hospital, or another medical facility in Buffalo. Medical bills can add up fast. So can other accident-related expenses, including vehicle repairs and loss of income due to not being able to work due to a car accident injury. This is why it’s critical that victims talk to an experienced Buffalo lawyer as soon as possible.

Car accidents often occur at busy intersections on Buffalo. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the most dangerous Buffalo intersections include: 

  • Parkside Ave. & Linden Ave. 
  • Delaware Ave. & Niagara Square 
  • Michigan Ave. & Clinton St. 
  • Jefferson Ave. & William St. 
  • Jefferson Ave. & Broadway 
  • Harlem Road & Maryvale Drive 
  • Herman St. & Sycamore St. 

Don’t underestimate the seriousness or the complexity of your Buffalo intersection accident. If another driver crashed into your car, make sure you fully understand your legal rights. Make sure you talk to an attorney right away. 

You might think you don’t need a lawyer if someone else clearly caused your Buffalo car accident. All you have to do is contact your insurance company and they’ll take care of everything, right? Don’t be so sure. 

While New York does have a no-fault car insurance system, it’s much more complicated than you might realize. When you have a lawyer who knows New York’s laws and understands how the legal system works in Erie County, you can demand the money you rightfully deserve so you can get your life back on track.  

How can an attorney help me?

There are so many different ways a lawyer can help if you’ve been injured in a serious Buffalo car accident. This often includes: 

  • Carefully reviewing your Buffalo Police Accident Report to make sure it’s accurate. 
  • Consulting with accident reconstruction experts if necessary.  
  • Dealing directly with insurance companies on your behalf. 
  • Negotiating the best possible settlement offer for your injury claim. 
  • Filing a lawsuit if necessary and seeking compensation for you in court. 

The stakes can be high when it comes to Buffalo car accidents. Your injury-related expenses can easily be worth thousands of dollars or significantly more. That’s why it’s critical that you have a lawyer on your side who will make sure your legal case and your accident get the attention they deserve. 

Buffalo isn’t like the rest of New York. It has its own unique features and characteristics which can make many legal cases involving car accidents challenging. Vehicles from across the country or even Canada often pass through Buffalo. Dealing with the Erie County court system can be confusing for individuals unfamiliar with this part of Western New York. 

This is why it’s critical that you have a Buffalo lawyer on your side who knows how to handle such complex legal cases. The Buffalo law firms listed on this website have the knowledge and experience you need to tackle any legal challenge you might encounter after your accident. That’s why Erie County residents routinely choose them to handle their legal cases. 

How much does it cost to hire a lawyer?

You might think you can’t afford to hire an attorney if you’ve been injured in a serious accident caused by another driver in Buffalo. Nothing could be further from the truth. All the law firms listed on this website that handle Buffalo car accident claims work on a contingency fee basis. That means you only pay them if they secure a financial settlement or verdict for you. If they don’t win your case, you don’t owe them a dime. It’s that simple. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. 

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