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A car accident in Castle Rock can happen in a split second—but the trauma and frustration can last for much longer.  As your medical bills pile up and you’re unable to work, you may wonder how you’ll ever recover. The good news is that you can recover the full extent of your damages through a car accident claim. The bad news is obtaining the compensation you deserve won’t be easy.

However, a Premier Attorney in Castle Rock can help you navigate the process and protect your rights every step of the way. Schedule your free consultation and take the next step towards securing justice and finding peace of mind.

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Extensive experience and a winning track record in car accident cases.
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Robinson & Henry P.C.

Robinson & Henry P.C., founded by Mike Robinson, is a versatile law firm located at 900 Castleton Rd #200, Castle Rock, CO 80109, and operates 24/7. They offer a wide range of practice areas, including personal injury. With offices in Denver, Colorado Springs, Highlands Ranch, Westminster, and even Southlake, they are accessible across various locations. This firm has a substantial team of 64 attorneys, offering expert legal support.

The Law Offices of Jae Mundt, PC

The Law Offices of Jae Mundt, PC, founded by Jae Mundt, is situated at 4833 Front St b472, Castle Rock, CO 80104. Specializing in personal injury, family law, mediation, and wills, this firm is represented by a team of attorneys. Their website features informative videos, and they have garnered numerous positive reviews from satisfied clients. Clients seeking personalized legal assistance in Castle Rock can find dedicated support at The Law Offices of Jae Mundt, PC.

Mountain States Injury Law

Mountain States Injury Law, under the guidance of Founder Dale G. Casares, operates from Castle Rock's Wilcox St Suite 220, Office 225, CO 80104. Focusing on car accident injuries and their causes, they provide free consultations. This firm extends its services to multiple offices, including Parker, Denver, Arvada, Aurora, Boulder, Castle Pines, Colorado Springs, Highlands Ranch, and Longmont. Numerous client reviews highlight their success in delivering top-tier legal assistance.

Earl & Earl, PLLC

Earl & Earl, PLLCT manages their office at 333 Perry St #309, Castle Rock, CO 80104, with managing partner Collin Earl leading the way. With a team of four attorneys, they provide legal support across various locations, including Colorado Springs, Grand Junction, Parker, Denver, and Pueblo. This personal injury law firm has won many verdicts and settlements. Some of these include $3.7 million for a personal injury, $1.5 million for a wrongful death, and $1.4 million for a truck accident.

Matlin Injury Law

Matlin Injury Law, founded by Brian Matlin, offers 24/7 support from its location at 17011 Lincoln Ave, Suite 408, Parker, CO 80134. They specialize in car accidents/auto injuries, drunk driving accidents, commercial trucking accidents, motorcycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, and more. This firm provides free consultations so potential clients can inquire without any expense. Their website features a blog, and they have garnered numerous client reviews, highlighting their dedication to assisting accident victims.

James Munafo & Associates, P.C.

James Munafo & Associates, P.C., founded by James Munafo, leverages over 25 years of experience. The office is located at 19751 E. Main Street, Suite 355, Parker, CO 80138. They specialize in personal injury cases including car accidents, rideshare accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents, wrongful deaths, slip and fall cases, dog bites, and more. They offer free consultations and have offices in Lone Tree, Centennial, Castle Rock, and the South Denver Metro Area. The firm has received recognition from The National Trial Lawyers for their excellence in the field.

Landry Law, P.C.

Landry Law, P.C., founded by Scott P. Landry, operates from 9896 Rosemont Ave Ste 104, Lone Tree, CO 80124, and brings more than 22 years of experience to the field. Their practice areas include personal injury and insurance law. Additionally, they have an office in Trinidad. Potential clients can inquire for free with an initial consultation.

Todd Collins & Associates, LLC

Todd Collins & Associates, LLC, is located at 795 E Kiowa Ave Box 456, Elizabeth, CO 80107. This firm specializes in family law, civil litigation, business law, construction defect, personal injury, and property law. Founder Todd Collins leads the firm. Their website includes various client reviews, which highlight their ability to seek justice.

After a crash occurs in Castle Rock, an officer from the Castle Rock Police Department will likely respond. They will secure the crash scene and document evidence in a police report. This report should contain basic details such as the date, time, and location of the crash, injuries, and the parties involved. It should also contain photos of the crash scene, witness information, arrests or citations, and a diagram indicating how the crash occurred.

Always prioritize your health after a car accident. While you might not feel any immediate pain, some injuries can produce symptoms within a few days. Some of the most common car accident injuries include: 

  • Head injuries: Head injuries can range from mild to severe. They often lead to memory loss, cognitive impairments, and long-term disabilities. Common head injuries are concussions and other forms of traumatic brain injuries.
  • Leg injuries: Leg injuries involve fractures, sprains, or soft tissue damage. They often lead to mobility limitations and chronic pain. 
  • Back and neck injuries: Back and neck injuries often result in spinal cord damage, herniated discs, chronic pain, numbness, and even paralysis. One of the most common neck injuries sustained in car accidents in whiplash.
  • Internal organ damage: Internal damage includes injuries to vital organs such as the heart, lungs, liver, or spleen. These injuries can be life-threatening and require immediate medical attention. 
  • Cuts, bruises, and contusions: Cuts, bruises, and contusions often affect the soft tissue. They require basic wound care and monitoring for infections. 

Getting a medical evaluation allows you to address an injury before it worsens. Plus, it helps establish a clear link between your car accident and the injury, which is critical to your potential claim.

You can get 24/7 emergency care at AdventHealth Castle Rock. You can also consider going to Sky Ridge Medical Center in nearby Lone Tree and AdventHealth Parker.

Car accidents in Castle Rock include everything from fender benders to catastrophic collisions. Some of the most common crash types include: 

  • Head-on collisions: Head-on collisions involve two vehicles colliding while traveling in opposite directions. The combined force of the two vehicles makes these accidents especially catastrophic. 
  • Broadside accidents: Broadside accidents, also known as T-bone accidents, happen when a vehicle crashes into the side of another. These accidents often happen at intersections when one driver runs a red light or stop sign.
  • Rear-end collisions: Rear-end collisions happen when one vehicle crashes into the back of another. They’re typically caused by speeding or distracted driving. For example, someone stopped in traffic could get rear-ended by a driver who was texting on a smartphone.
  • Pedestrian accidents: Collisions with pedestrians are especially catastrophic. Pedestrians are vulnerable to serious injuries and even fatalities. That’s because when a person gets hit by a car, there is nothing to protect them from taking the full brunt of the impact.
  • Lane departure accidents: Lane departure accidents occur when one vehicle crosses into an adjacent lane or off the road. These often cause sideswipe collisions with other vehicles or rollovers. 

Common Car Accident Locations in Castle Rock

While collisions can happen anywhere in Castle Rock, some areas are particularly accident-prone. These include: 

  • Major intersections, such as:
    • Santa Fe Drive at Front Street
    • Castlegate Drive West at Promenade Parkway
    • Prairie Hawk Drive at Meadows Boulevard
    • North Meadows Drive at Butterfield Crossing Drive
    • Wilcox St & Sixth St
    • US-85 & Santa Fe Dr
  • Highways, such as:
    • Interstate 25
    • US-85
    • US-87
    • CO-86

Q: What if I was partially at fault for my car accident? 

A: Colorado follows the 50% modified comparative negligence system. This means you can still seek damages if you’re not more than 50% at fault. However, your compensation would be reduced by the percentage of fault you contributed to the crash. For example, if your damages were $10,000 and you were 30% at fault for the accident, you would only be eligible to recover $7,000 in damages.

Q: How can I strengthen my car accident claim? 

A: The best way to strengthen your car accident claim is to take photos of the crash scene, gather witness information, and get immediate medical attention. You should also follow your doctor’s recommendations, document all medical visits and receipts, and avoid speaking to the at-fault driver’s insurance company. Let an experienced attorney handle all communications and negotiations for you.

Q: What will a Colorado car accident lawyer do for me? 

A: A Colorado car accident lawyer can thoroughly investigate your accident and gather the facts to help you build a case. They can accurately estimate the value of your claim and negotiate with insurance companies for a fair financial settlement. If they can’t reach a settlement, they may file a lawsuit on your behalf and prepare to take your case to trial.

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